How It Works

Most pesticide products use toxic chemicals to poison pests by attacking the nervous system. However, when an insect fails to die from a chemical attack, it develops an immunity – rendering the pesticide product useless and making the insect even harder to kill.

Safedecide takes care of insects in a natural and efficient manner. Rather than chemicals, our products are formulated with Castor Oil and Corn Oil. This oil mixture coats the insect’s spiracles,suffocating them by eliminating the osmosis of oxygen. By focusing on the insect’s respiratory system, our products eradicate insects at a high accuracy rate, without putting you and your loved ones at risk.

Tired of unwanted rodents? Our rat and mice pellets follow the same formula as our insect products. These pellets dehydrate rodents quickly and naturally, efficiently eradicating the pests.


Acting Agents include:

  • Citric Acid: Critic Acid burns the membrane of the bug, exposing the membrane to the natural elements, eventually causing death.
  • Diatomaceous Earth: This fossilized single cell organism acts as a microscopic razor to the insect when applied to a surface area. This “razor” cuts the bug’s feet (Tarsus) and absorbs moisture from the organism. These lacerations also expose the insect to the natural elements, eventually causing death.
  • Sodium L.Sulfate:This agent acts as a Surfactant, allowing the formula to coat the bug’s surface area. This creates a bubble around the bug to maximize suffocation.


Stabilizing agent:

  • Glycerin: The molecular bond of Glycerin allows for the effective stabilization of the product’s active ingredients


What Makes Us Different:

  • Our product does not stain and can be sprayed on multiple surface areas without concern.
  • Pests cannot build up an immunity to our product.
  • Our product is a quick,on-contact kill.
  • Safedecide is both Human and pet safe.