Company Profile

Pests problems? If you’re tired of unwanted insects but don’t want to use gross chemical solutions to your solve bug issues, you’re not alone – in fact, we were in your same shoes not too long ago. We hated the idea that other bug killers relying on chemicals may be unsafe for both our families and the environment. Still, we would give in and use them if it meant avoiding long summer months of itchy mosquito bites, our kids stepping in fire ant hills, and our pets tracking fleas all over the house.

But now we (and you) don’t have to.

Our company started with a simple vision: clearing our lives of unwanted pests as nature intended. About seven years ago, a group of ambitious home owners decided to try something different. With some good ol’ fashioned work and research, we found a way to get rid of pests the natural way, ditching all the unwanted after-effects of nasty chemicals. Our product, pioneered in rural Texas, became somewhat of a local legend in our small community over time. All over town, people were thanking us for helping them with their bug problems. With our local success, we knew we had something great on our hands. Now headquartered in Dallas, Texas, we moved our efforts into cities all over America – growing our customer base, spreading the word about our product and keeping your homes and gardens safe with Safedecide.